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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Mar 17, 2014)
Shirtless men on Fight Night = Yum.
(Mar 16, 2014)
Fight Night is tonight at 6:00pm server! :)
(Mar 15, 2014)
The Saints are Coming event is tonight! :D
(Mar 13, 2014)
Military training tonight at 6:00pm server.
(Mar 12, 2014)
Event tonight at 6:00pm server.
(Mar 11, 2014)
*Knocks on wood.* I haven't Cyy. Also, guild event tonight at 6:00pm server.
(Mar 11, 2014)
anyone else having trouble logging in?
(Mar 11, 2014)
Thanks maaang! -brushes off shoulder-
(Mar 11, 2014)
A special thanks to Agony for our -awesome- guild banner!! Huuzzaaahhhhh!!!! :D
(Mar 10, 2014)
I should be home from practice soon.
(Mar 07, 2014)
Yay! And live streaming if ya'll are wondering what I'm up too:
(Mar 05, 2014)
Event tonight at 6:00pm server!
(Mar 03, 2014)
Drazzy be praised!
(Mar 03, 2014)
I'm home!! My computer is fixed!
(Mar 02, 2014)
You're on the list. Working on it today :)
(Mar 02, 2014)
I just posted.
(Feb 27, 2014)
Slots will open TONIGHT @ 12am ST. Get your descriptions ready! Accepting new folks first, veterans later for progression.