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(Oct 15, 2014)
Cherry Cheesecake even better.
(Oct 15, 2014)
Yo, cheese cake is delicious.
(Oct 14, 2014)
I cut the cheese...cake
(Oct 13, 2014)
All remained silent. peace with grace. until the whispers of chaos made their way into the world once more.
(Oct 08, 2014)
like a cake
(Aug 23, 2014)
Mozart is the best
(Aug 22, 2014)
a peacock outside my window keeps honking at me wtf
(Aug 21, 2014)
(Aug 20, 2014)
(Aug 20, 2014)
(Aug 16, 2014)
(Aug 16, 2014)
hi. I'll be away from aug. 21 thru aug28
(Aug 16, 2014)
(Jul 30, 2014)
Hmm.. I'll draw Lucy. Mind sending me a brief description of her?
(Jul 28, 2014)
Yes! I am that vain! I'll let you choose Rachel, Lucy, Immer, Jahelle, Chopii?
(Jul 28, 2014)
I've been bored out of my mind. Would anyone want their characters drawn? c:
(Jul 25, 2014)
Event tonight by Malus! Be there! 6:00pm, location to be announced. :D
(Jul 21, 2014)
Event tonight. Climax point
(Jul 18, 2014)
Southshore Saints event is tonight at 6:00pm! Hosted by yours truely, Reife! Stay classy Vanitas.
(Jul 12, 2014)
Event by Malus tonight at 6:00pm server! :D