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Malcolm Lair / Mar 31, 2015
The Northern Empire!

After four separate campaigns in Northrend, Vanitas has claimed a large swath of what lies east of the frozen continent. Given over entirely to House Tho'lain from his magnificent capital lying deep in Zul'drak, a land of death, decay and rot. However, the cost to this Empire was heavy upon House Tho'lain, as they had lost many men at the Battle of Gjalerbron, fighting off against the Vrykul forces which held it so defiantly. In return to this large swath of land delivered to House Tho'lain, House Lair in fact has a restored house at long last.

Lord-General Gavius Lair has finally returned from the North. The Great Northern Bear that he is. The tale tellers state that the older brother of our Lord Malus was one of the most diligent heroes in the Fourth Northrend Campaigns. Choosing to fight the War without so much as a shred of armor, and the man lacked a weapon until later in the campaign. Upon being stabbed in his kidney, a blessing from our Lord Malus, Lord-General Gavius Lair even managed to combat our enemies more effectively than before! Glory to House Lair, the Great Northern Bear has returned home!

The Shattered Homeland!

Whilst Vanitas was off rescuing Lord-General Gavius Lair, trouble had begun to stir in the Eastern Kingdoms. With the cutoff of communication between the Union and Vanitas, Lord Malus had begun to fear the worst. More over, the lines had become so blurred, it has become easy to question whose loyalties lie where? Choosing to observe and not partake in the struggles of Stormwind City as of yet, Vanitas now focuses its attentions onto the Plaguelands.

Food caravans, supplies, and communication has been cut off from Caer Darrow and Baron Reilan Dethold. No answers to the questions the High Command has in regards to this phenomenon. Has Baron Reilan Dethold betrayed Vanitas, or perhaps, more terrifying. Has our enemy attacked our weakened Plaguelands, which have suffered such devastation in the wake of the Vanitas Civil War.

Many solutions have come forward to Lord Malus. Thus far, the most popular would be to merely burn the forest, and cook everything from the gates of the Tirisfal Glades to the Eastern Plaguelands.

...The High Command is still coming up with solutions.

The Malus Intelligence Agency Reinstated!

In regards to the Vanitas Civil War, a controlled Darek Storm has led to much more stable grounds to reconsider the reformation of the feared M.I.A. Division. A force of entirely devoted elite soldiers which did the bidding of Lords Malus, Tho'lain, and the Field Marshal without a single question of authority, without a single word back. The M.I.A. keeps tabs on, and watches those inside, and outside Vanitas to find those who would pose the slightest threat to the High Command, and effectively finds a method to eliminate the threat.

The M.I.A. has a long history, dating back to the People's Watch in Darkshire. The People's Watch was meant for commoners in Darkshire, under the reign of Lord Malus several years ago, to report incidents and crimes back to the Lord himself in a completely anonymous fashion. When the state of matters in Darkshire got so horrid, Field Marshal Ihcapnek Njhrosen gathered the most loyal of his forces, to conduct the Grand Inquisition.

The Grand Inquisition lasted for an entire week. Nearly the entire population of Darkshire was tortured and beaten into giving up information about the Rebellion led by Vox, the Voice of Malus. Eventually a name was produced, but it was too late. Vox had joined Galvynn Thulmane III in taking down Lord Malus and his reign in Darkshire.

A year later, the People's Watch was renamed to the Malus Intelligence Agency, and was a force which conducted guerrilla hit-and-run tactics against the armies of Galvynn Thulmane III. The attacks got so fierce that the Thane's armies had started to go insane from the mere sight of such atrocities. This finally culminated into the assassination of Galvynn Thulmane III, and the end of the Vanitas-Confederacy War.

Months later, Colonel Darek Storm and Sir Raymond Dinath Tho'lain deposed the leadership of the M.I.A. and instituted their own martial law to carve the path to their own dictatorship rule over Vanitas. This eventually led to the death of Lord Malus the First.

The Dictatorship of Grand General Darek Storm was fierce. Those who stood in his path were excommunicated, or merely never heard from again. Though, no one would dare touch the man who held the Lady of Vanitas, Atris Lair, by her figurative throat as he used her as a figure-head to gain more power. His soldiers were zealous, fearsome, and vicious as they moved mountains to get what the Grand General wanted. However, through it all, his reign still came to an end.

The M.I.A. was disbanded when the young Lord Malus the Second came to power late last year. Though, the M.I.A. refused to back down. In a desperate attempt to reclaim power, the M.I.A. attacked Caer Darrow, and sought to use it as a base to claim control of the North, which Vanitas held firmly at the time. However, as the Forces of Lord Malus II finally reclaimed Caer Darrow two months later, the M.I.A. steam engine started to lose its fuel for war.

The Vanitas Civil War ended in the summer of last year when Lord Vires came onto the scene and led a relentless assault against any and all M.I.A. positions. The remaining M.I.A. soldiers which survived the onslaught were placed in a secret prison within the inner sanctum of Lord Vires. They were never heard from again.

However, more than a year has passed since the Vanitas Civil War began, and now, the order looks to be making a come back under Lord Malus II once again.

All hail Vanitas!

All hail Lord Malus II!

All hail the Malus Intelligence Agency!
Malcolm Lair / Mar 03, 2015
Stranded! The mighty heroes of our great revolutionary organization Vanitas, have been trapped by the cunning and vile Paladins of the Church of the Holy Light on Northrend! Surrounded, broken and bloodied, our brave and courageous champions had to retreat into the continent in order to flee the coming onslaught of our foes. The mission was green lit two weeks ago by Lord Malus II after Lady Atris, the Mother of Evil, suggested that we send an expedition team North in order to rescue her son. Leading this mission, Grand General Darek Storm, former dictator of Vanitas, an veteran of the Northrend Campaigns in the past.

Originally, the missions seemed to run smoothly, having swiftly reclaimed General Gavius Lair and scurrying him to freedom. However, Vanitas' war with the Vrykul had not yet ended, merely been in remission until the full force of Vanitas had recovered. Unfortunately, that would not be so, as evidence by the small strike squad that has been sent to Northrend instead. The casualties soar as two expeditionary members were already killed, and several more wounded soared. First aid supplies dwindled, and food dropped, morale sunk low.

Escape seemed certain on Sunday, without so much as a single hitch. That is, until the very moment that our brave heroes were ambushed by the Vrykul, and, saw the main fleet of the Paladin armada. Now, stuck between the Legions of Vrykul, and the Paladin Armies bearing down on the Howling Fjord to take out House Tho'lain. General Storm, and his expeditionary unit finds themselves stuck in the middle in a desperate hope for survival. No support, no medical assistance, no food, fading hope.

In Other News...

The Mass Suicide of the Cathedral District a month ago has completed its just mission. The name of Vanitas has spread, causing more people to flock to the cause of Lord Malus II, how noble he is. He seeks to eliminate the Noble Elite of Stormwind who attempt to slam their feet down onto the desolate poor, as well as the Paladins of the Church, who enforce their own laws as if they were but a dictatorship without a King.

The revolution is growing, the ball is rolling down the mountain. Soon an avalanche will be down upon their heads and the ends of their reign will be upon them, Vanitas! We will be victorious, we will destroy those who oppose us!

War with the Golden Odyssey! We are in a dire time, with most of our forces engaged and trapped in the ceiling of the world, we find that on the home front, we are in another war. The Union has shattered and war with the Golden Odyssey has been declared. Vanitas has answered the call in favour of her allies who stayed loyal to the Odyssey, while turning the full aggression of Vanitas onto the aggressor, Lady Monisha of the Golden Odyssey.

The forces of Lady Monisha attacked the Shady Lady late last week in an attempt to steal a prominent leader of the Union. Such actions cannot go unpunished. A fight broke out, and Lord Malus II personally led the forces of Vanitas into the fray, capturing one member of the Golden Odyssey and delivering him to those who were attacked by their aggression. Rumor has it that diplomatic meetings were held, but, nothing fruitful was delivered.

The Union was shattered.
Like the Odyssey soon will be.

-Steward Sevodari
- Lord Treasurer of Vanitas.
Malcolm Lair / Jan 11, 2015
The north man comes...

We are ready. We are the strong, we are the pure, we are the harbingers of death and nothing can stop our might. Our people are starving, ravaged by multiples of wars. Sworn to Death Gods, and the Destroyer, and still we have no victory. How many fatherless sons we have created? Now, we strike, under no leadership but our own! They are weak, their fathers are in a new world and all they left behind were their forgotten sons. Where is their honor? They have none.

They were the children we cast out, as being sickly and weak. They are inferior to us and we will prove this to them. The horn of winter sounds, the age of the North man dawns.

Our ships sail even now.

We are unstoppable. We are born conquerors. We lust off of the spilling of blood, ours or the enemy. We go into a fit of rage and we feel no pain, we only see death. Their lands will become ours, and we shall not be defeated! We are the North Men! I, King Brynjar, have united the Vrykul clans! I have done this while the forces of man are divided now, more than ever. Our time to strike is now!

The Age of Man, has come to its end.

Malcolm Lair / Jan 03, 2015
Building an Army

It is a cold night in a stone house in Dun Morogh. A blonde sight seer sits by the fire, shaking and rocking from the images she sees before her. She sees sights of war on an untold scale. Finally, her bright blue eyes open wide as she utters a phrase.

"My son! He calls all to his banners. He is making his move in the shadows and the Light is failing to respond. His armies are gathering once again, only to be stopped by Galvynn Thulmane in Redridge two years prior. This is my son, not his father. My son is largely unknown, not infamous yet like his often revered father. However, the flaming fel green eyes of darkness linger in his soul. So long as evil lives in my son, he will continue to act accordingly. Like his father.

The Black Guard, they're supposed to be his Elite Bodyguard. Now they act as the main Vanitas infantry, while the Crimson Guard are his elite now. House Tho'lain lives in the North, few knows what horrors are committed up there. John Tho'lain, my late husbands best friend. I swear he looks back when I try to see him. Authiren is the new Field Marshal, and he brings all manner of beast and creature into the fold.

The new Vanitas army is terrifying indeed.

The Arena Championship

My daughter, the twin of my son. She is a skilled fighter, but now she must look into the face of Darkness in the Championship of the New Year. Hopefully her brother won't prevent her from fighting once again. He ruins her reputation each and every time. Historia now looks away from the Arena, and even the Intelligence Branch of Vanitas, and is very interested in the Vanitas Black Ops Division under Captain Darius Drake. She is trained to be an assassin after all. Darius Drake would only hone her skills to new heights and make her an even more effective machine of death.

I see Historia turning the ideals she was trained with by the Pandaren, and turning it into something corrupt, ugly, perverted by evil. Perverted by the ideals of her father, and her brother. I don't recognize my own daughter anymore."

Hail to the Hammer!

The Blonde sight seer lifted her slender tanned arms and tosses sand onto her fire, to reveal an entirely new image. She pulled her cloak over her, as a chill, even overpowering the Dun Morogh chill reaches her.

"The North stirs. Northrend is unleashing its masterless evil once again to clash with the evil of Vanitas. Conquest and subjugation will be the world come next month. Whether my son is orchestrating this or not is still not known to me. The shadow of Malus is strong and my sight is limited. It is not that far of a stretch, his father did poison me on my birthday so that he could rally his forces around the idea of a war. It wouldn't surprise me if the son did something similar.

The Vry'kul are moving south. They have built their dragon long boats. They have collected as many axe bearing sons that they could take. King Brynjar has unleashed his forces south. They will land in Tirisfal Glades and once they see the land is so utterly corrupted that they cannot even farm the land. They will move to the Western Plaguelands and go into direct confrontation with the Might of Vanitas. A way for Malus to test his new armies out on a lesser foe. Perhaps even a way for Malus to bolster his forces.


I killed my first husband in Shadowmoon Valley in another time. I hated that man with a burning passion and he tried to control me. You cannot contain the mother of evil. In this time of Shadowmoon Valley, my son has built up a Vanitas Garrison. New Caer Darrow. It is from here he will seek out Gul'dan in the attempts to kill him and steal his Shadow Council. For my Son sees himself as the heir to everything Gul'dan has ever built. He seeks Gul'dan artifacts, weapons, soldiers, spells in order to further his own claim. However, my son still fails to realize that he is only human.

His love hate relationship with Gul'dan will only get him killed, unless he somehow surprises us all. The Shadow Council will never belong to my son though, and I see that even though the shadow of Malus blocks my view."

The seeress, with the blonde hair, blue eyes, and tanned skin stands up, letting her grey blanket drop to the floor to reveal her white robes. She looks troubled at what she has seen. She turns to the door of her home, lifting her hood over her head and moves to leave her house into the freezing cold outside. It does not phase her, for what she has seen is far more chilling than she could ever expect.

"My name is Lady Atris Lair, I grew the darkness in my womb, and birthed it into this world multiples of times in one life or another. I am the Mother of Evil, and I must return as such."
Malcolm Lair / Oct 19, 2014
The Return of Lord Malus

Lord Malus the Second has returned! He sent out letters to each and every one of his former advisors to return to Fortress Lair to observe his return to the Southern Eastern Kingdoms. After disappearing throughout the summer, he seemed to be in fine form upon his return to the waking world, ready to exact his vengeance, and seemingly more unforgiving than ever before.

The Dark Lord of Vanitas, Lord of Lords, the Patron of House Lair, the Black King himself seemed to be unrelenting in his swiftness to reacquire that which had originally belonged to him, and those who are unsure of returning to him, he has only one thing to say: Return to me, or get left behind in the dust of my storm like all of the others.

Though his original motto of Unite and Destroy holds true, the young Lord doesn't seem to be as reasonable as he had been in the past, quite the opposite. He seems to be acting as though he were his own father in a sense, as he crashes through his opponents, slaughtering those who did not join him as he passed by them.

This would be the new era of Vanitas, one dominantly ruled by a Lord Malus who subjugates his vassals with an iron fist and forces them into swearing fealty to him. Those who do not subject, get crushed under the weight of his unrelenting might.

The Broken Skull Faction

The very remnants of the M.I.A. The Broken Skull Faction signifies their former attachments to the flying skull of the M.I.A. but instead feature a bloodied skull, as if it had been forced into battle, and faced many casualties. The Broken Skull Faction, or the M.I.A. whichever you'd like to call them, are now on the losing side of this war, and seek shelter throughout the world. Whoever sees this symbol must report to Malus immediately.

The Broken Skull Faction is still a force to be reckoned with, able to carry out strong guerrilla tactics, and inflicting many casualties upon the forces of Vanitas. Though, the Commander of the Black Guard seemed to have done a very decent job weakening the Broken Skull Faction enough that the people of Vanitas need not worry about war upon their mind consistently.

The M.I.A. is quite simply no more, and their elimination is about to come to pass. Victory will be ours!

The Black Knight

A new warrior is appearing on the scene to Vanitas. The mysterious Commander of the Black Guard, known for his brutal conquests against the Broken Skull Faction, showing no mercy or remorse, and capable of carrying out genocide without even flinching, so long as his objectives were met. This is a man who seems to strive to be better than Grand General Darek Storm in every way, and slowly, day by day, General Storm is forgotten in the wake of the Black Knight.

A man who rarely speaks, a man who never questions orders, undyingly loyal towards his Lord Malus, a man who seeks neither fame nor glory as Storm had. Faint rumors exist, that Lord Malus had built this man himself to be the perfect weapon against his enemies. While some seem to suggest that the Black Knight is one of Malus' demons encased in the pitch black armor. Some other rumors suggest that he's no man, nor beast, but the spirit of Malus' father sent to the mortal plane to exact vengeance upon the enemies of Vanitas. Perhaps the strongest rumor that exists, is that the Black Knight killed General Storm, and hid his body somewhere under the Vanitas Capital.

Regardless of the rumors, the fact remains, the Black Knight is a monstrosity willing to slaughter anyone who crosses his Lord in the wrong way, and will more than likely do it in the most painful way possible.
Malcolm Lair / May 24, 2014
The Story So Far...

It is true, that the leadership of Vanitas has gone AWOL in recent months. Whether it is Darek Storm on an island in the middle of the Great Sea, with Historia, getting drunk and getting tans. Or, it is Lord Malus the Second retreating into the dark recesses of the world to reinvigorate his hatred of mankind and the lack of intelligence that it holds so close to its' mortal heart.

However, in recent months, his forces are moving and his activities are becoming more obvious. His finger tips are at the command of everything from what seems to be afar. Most obvious, his Regent Lord that he sent to look after Vanitas most recently, his Lord-Treasurer, Sevodari. The Lord-Treasurer served under three administrations of Vanitas, from Lord Malus the first, through the M.I.A. Dictatorship, to the new, now missing, Lord Malus the second.

However, the appearance of Sevodari does not bode good news. He comes with a disturbing message, the coffers of Vanitas are running dry.

The Solution

The Lord-Treasurer, Sevodari, thinks he has a solution. He beckons all remaining members of Vanitas to him, to announce his regency, and, to perhaps give details on his plan to return gold to the coffers of Vanitas, and would help the seafaring members of Vanitas get the ships into the sea finally after months of being docked at bay.

Return of the Grand General

An Ironclad ship, known as the Iron Fortress, has docked off of Faldir's Cove. The site of a massive battle during the M.I.A. uprising last spring. Now held firmly in Vanitas' territories, ships are now freely allowed to dock at the ports, and with the Grand Generals return, the campaign may finally resume in order to gain control of the lost citadel known as Caer Darrow.
Malcolm Lair / Mar 23, 2014
((Vanitas, we've grown relaxed, and lazy over the simple fact that we are too powerful. Though, this is not a bad thing, not in the slightest. But we've lost fact about what we are. What we are? Is a Militaristic Cult of Vanitas! All hail what we've accomplished in just a year alone. Storylines that are so rich and full with content. Sometimes, all of it makes our new guildies heads explode with content.

We've grown, and changed. Those who have been with us since the beginning? We're not the same people going in as we are now, today. We've laughed, loved, formed unbreakable bonds, we've cried, and held each other in despair as those who've come in our lives, have passed away and left us. We're simply put: A family. I'm proud of the guild that we are, and I'll always be proud of each and every one of you. You're all my best of friends and sometimes more, my brothers and sisters when I need it. I know some of you feel the same way with me, and other members in the guild.

Some of you are new, some of you are as old as the guild itself. We've seen people come and go, and something will always remain with those people who've come and gone...They are Vanitas for life. They're in our hearts and souls, and they will always have a place among us if they choose to go. Our loyalties have shaken from time to time, but we've not broken at all. We are still right here! Standing firm and tall! Begging for what this server has to throw at us next!

So...What is next? What is in the future of Vanitas? Simply put, the future holds new endeavors into Stormwind City. Our Intelligence Branch will be working 'round the clock to bring forth new Intel and new possibilities for us to grow and expand. Currently, members are asking assignments for the other branches...Yes...There will be assignments for the other branches, it's just a matter of working them out and fleshing them out so they will be as exciting as the Intelligence Branch.

However, for our endeavors into Stormwind to succeed. We must be sick in the mind. We must be the shadows you check under your bed for, that movement in your closet at night, that eerie feeling that something is looking over your shoulder at all times when you're alone...We must be feared. It is no longer optional, but a requirement to set ourselves above the standard. We our Vanitas...Our name was born from the essence of fear itself. And we will become the physical shell of fear itself.

Let today mark a new Golden Age for Vanitas, a day where we become the literal harbingers of fear. Fear is not godmodding, it's not metagaming. Fear is this, the unknown, the unpredictable, the worry that nothing can tame or control us. We are insanity based in flesh and muscle, fueled by hatred and chaos. We are the creatures who use intelligence to deal a decisive blow, then play with their organs, or lay in bed next to their lover waiting for them to look over at us...

Vanitas...We are fear. We always have been, we always will be...

Hail Vanitas,
Hail Lord Malus,
Hail Jos Fomgers.))
Malcolm Lair / Mar 11, 2014
The Fall of Caer Darrow

Following the wedding between General Gavius Lair, and Lady Lucy Lair, newly promoted Colonel Calton Gibson was tasked with dealing decisive blows to the M.I.A. in the North, from his base of Caer Darrow. However, before the reformed First Division could ship out to war, Caer Darrow came under fire from the might of the M.I.A. Causing oil tanks and gunpowder the explode, the defending forces were easily overrun, and it seemed to Vanitas, like they would be forced to abandon Caer Darrow.

Their goal, it would seem, would be to reach Faldir's Cove, in order to board the Sixth Rate Ship-of-the-Line, the Victory. As the First Division traversed the Northern Countryside, following the fall of Caer Darrow, they witnessed first hand the atrocities of the M.I.A. Mass killings and heavy discrimination towards anything that was not them. Sentient lives of all forms were rounded up and slaughtered without hesitation.

As the First Division finally found their way to the Victory, the first ship Vanitas ever had, it came under attack, and sunk. Leaving Colonel Calton Gibson stranded in the north.

The Trials of Malus

Within Northern Stranglethorn, Lord Malcolm Lair escaped the threat of trolls in the region, along with his party that went with him. However, upon finding the cave in Northern Stranglethorn, they were thrusted upon several trials which adequately told him the story of his fathers insanity, and betrayal.

The trials were also designed to face Lord Malcolm's own demons, which largely revolve around the death of his mother several years ago. Following the trials, unrest began to form around the small expedition in Northern Stranglethorn, where a majority of people suggested that they need to aid those in the north.

After much consideration, Malcolm inevitably decided to follow through with the decisions of his men, and packed his things. However, just as he was about to leave, Dal'naris, the Betrayer, arrived to summon infernals down upon the small group in the hopes of distracting them, so that he may destroy Malcolm's chances of learning more from the trials.

The Rise of Lord Malus II

It would seem, that after the trials and the near death of his sister, Lord Malus II took a cold, and even heartless tone. He demanded complete and absolute power and authority. His flaming eyes burnt more intently and perhaps, this would be a new era for the future of Vanitas?