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Home made Vanitas Memes!

Malcolm Lair / Feb 12, 2017
Guild/Fan Content

If there's one thing, that we here at Vanitas love more than anything in the world is when fans, or guildies make some special content and OOC jokes just for us to laugh at! Here are a few entries made by Veklin, resident maniac Death Knight. No, the other one. No, the other one. Yes, the bald one. Anyways! These entries have absolutely tickled me. Good at drawing? Make some Vanitas art. Good comedian? Make some Vanitas jokes. Good at both? Make a Vanitas comic! It's always something that I am eager to view. Most times, when both Historia and I are in bed at night, we'll lay there and laugh, and imitate the caricatures of our characters. It's sometimes good to view ourselves in a stupid, exaggerated and comical manner.

I 100% encourage anyone to make stuff about this guild. I'll even make a section of absolute honour on the guild site about these caricatures you have of the guild. Thank you Veklin for taking a brave step!

Return of the Malus Intelligence Agency Dictatorship!

As of Tuesday, February 7th, Grand General Darek Storm has reassumed command of Vanitas under the nose of Lord Historia. Stealing the votes of power from each of the acting branch leaders, this semi-democratic vote, has given Darek absolute power over the military, intelligence, occult, airforce, and navy of Vanitas. A half-week after taking power, Darek has ordered the suicide over every prominent officer of Vanitas, the utter withdrawal of every squad and platoon of Vanitas from the Eastern Kingdoms, leaving former Vanitas possessions highly vulnerable to the dukedom of Emmot Rosewood.

Even as news of the utter Vanitas withdrawal from the Eastern Kingdoms reaches an overly confident, and elated Duke Emmot Rosewood. All the military commander must do now is lean back in his armchair and thank the overthrow of the Vanitas nobility, and the installation of the questionable strategies of Darek Storm.

The Capture of Commander Villetta Rosewood

As per the mission of the Intelligence Branch of Vanitas, the commander of the Gilnean Pathfinder Infantry Regiment was captured from her stronghold in Hillsbrad Foothills. In a daring mission that involved no casualties on either side, the commander was brought back to Caer Darrow to be tortured by every prominent Vanitas member. However, the torture had little effect as the Elite Infantry Commander then questioned the motives, the morals, and the discipline of the former unstoppable Vanitas war machine. What was once a feared force of chaos, that forced their demands and peace treaties of their choosing whenever they stooped their nose into other organizations conflicts. Fringe guilds would look to them for guidance or protection. Their discipline and force of will dissolved conflicts alone. Organizations would more often than not, consider the political effects of their actions when Vanitas was involved, so as to not initiate an act of Mutually Assured Destruction.

Now, Villetta observed, Vanitas was naught but a band of rabble, becoming the fringe organization they swore to protect three years ago. Vanitas, now cared about family, and feelings, rather than breaking down and enforcing their will and destroying those who opposed them. This is why, she would later note, that Vanitas would be destined to lose everything they'd strive to achieve, because they now lacked their discipline, their iron will, their unstoppable mindset, and more importantly, Vanitas lost their confidence, and their prior feelings of invincibility. Like Hegemonic World Power who were shaken by a nation defining event that had only now started to sink in years after the event occurred. A morality and identity crisis takes hold, and the result? The people elect into power a questionable maniac to run the entire damned thing.

Villetta would lift her head from her journals about the rise and fall of the Vanitas Decade, and would simply ask herself:



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