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Vanitas Strikes Back!

Malcolm Lair / Oct 22, 2016
Return of the Grand General

Created by Lord Malus the First. Raised up by the Tho'lains. Forged in the fires of infinite war.

Born in Stratholme years before the betrayal of Prince Arthas and the purging of the once proud Lordaeronian City. Darek Storm was a child born to the peasant classes of the Alliance, post Second War. However, after the sacking of Stratholme by the Scourge, Storm fled the city alone. Having killed his family during the initial stages of the purge, Storm would soon find his way to his remaining family in Southshore, the Silverfields. Darek soon after left Southshore, having found his cousin Aerius Silverfield incredibly annoying.

Storm found himself upon a pirate ship known as the Victory, serving as part of her crew. His travels and lack of caring about consequences led him to the Lairs where he would meet Levi Lair and eventually, Atris Lair. Forming an obsession with the young paladin's mother, he would feign being the young boys friend to get close. Nothing lasts forever, and when Atris went missing, and Uthibar Lair took up the mantle of Lord Malus, Darek would find himself on the run once more from the growing insanity of Malus.

During the Cataclysm crisis, Darek was captured by Malus, having been lured out of hiding by Doctor Syn Harvest. In an effort to test his new serums, Malus had heard a rumour that Blood of the Worgen would indeed cause the effects of lycanthropy. Eager to build a new army of Worgen that served him, Malus would test the serum on Darek. Test would prove to be a failure, as Darek was far too unruly to maintain and control.

Storm would return to the Victory to take control of the ship. Darek would experience a year of success as the Pirate Captain, temporarily filling the void left by the Fortress when she became an inactive ship. However, one fateful trip to Booty Bay would allow Darek to get captured once more by Lord Malus the First. Darek was forced to serve as a guard of House Lair during the Dark Reign of Duskwood.

After the fall of Dark Hand Duskwood, Darek would serve SI:7 as a Confidential Informant on Cultist Activities. When he heard that Malus had returned at the head of the Militaristic Cult of Vanitas. Storm would leap headfirst into the fray in order to bust the Dark Lord once and for all, but would soon find himself involved with the Malus Intelligence Agency.

Serving as a Colonel in the Malus Intelligence Agency, Darek oversaw the attempted genocide carried out by Vanitas. Sickened by the acts committed by both the Tho'lains and the Lairs. Darek would turn to a potential ally within the M.I.A. Raymond Dinath Tho'lain, a former soldier of the Light within the Eastern Confederacy. Dinath, just as sickened by the acts committed by Lord Malus and Lord John Tho'lain, would begin to plan the eventual takeover of Vanitas with Colonel Darek Storm.

Fabricating attacks on Vanitas, and the death of Cyen Scytheel, Darek and Dinath would both declare Martial Law upon Vanitas, forcing the pressure upon the average Vanitas citizen and the urge for change. The M.I.A. quickly took emergency powers from Lord Malus until they were able to seize total control of the Cult in a coup d'etat which would eventually lead to Darek and Dinath slaying Uthibar Lair in a combat to the death.

Darek and Dinath agreed to rule Vanitas as Grand General and Field Marshal. However, Darek would begin to push Dinath out of the executive decision making, taking on the responsibility and power for himself. Under the rule of the Grand General, Vanitas saw unprecedented growth, economically and militarily. The growth, pride, and feeling of invincibility led the Grand General upon a suicidal campaign to the Alterac Mountains during the beginning of winter. After a month of hard fighting, guerilla attacks, and war crimes, Darek was forced to pull out of the region.

Turning his attention to the Grand Vanitas Navy, the Grand General was assured the way to expand the power of Imperial Vanitas was through seizing prime trade routes, and the most important route would be through an island controlled by the Nightfall Vanguard. An invasion was laid out, a three pronged attack which saw a naval invasion, and two attacks via bridges which connected to the mainland. The attack was an utter failure, as the Nightfall Vanguard repelled the M.I.A. forces.

What followed was a bloody war of attrition with the Nightfall Vanguard, which would eventually lead to a ceasefire where the Vanguard would need to pull out of all lands associated with Vanitas and the Vanguard would pay War Reparations to damaged Vanitas holdings. In return, Vanitas would give up its naval ambitions, building no further ships to gain naval dominance in the Eastern Kingdoms.

Despite the ceasefire, Darek would salvage the sunken ship known as the Fortress and apply iron and steam to it, creating a beastly ironclad warship that is considered to be impossible to defeat. However, the ceasefire was considered void when the Lair Nobility returned to Vanitas in the form of Malcolm Alexander Lair, Lord Malus the Second.

Since then, Darek was resigned to being the most militarily sound mind in Vanitas, and the arena champion of Vanitas for several months until his defeat by the hands of Historia Lair. Since then, the Grand General fell to obscurity, until now when he returns to Active Service within the Military of Vanitas.

Expect a period of militarism to follow.

Conqueror Conquered

After many hard fought battles, after many sacrifices. This week, a conqueror falls. The Grand Might of Vanitas now pushes upon Blackrock Mountain to deal a final blow to the psychotic killer and beast master known as Lord Insidious, formerly known as Kong the Conqueror. There is no retreat. No surrender. No beast or no creature could force you back. This war ends here and now so that we may return to rebuilding the Empire of Vanitas, with the bones of Lord Insidious as the foundation for this new Empire.

He crushed us in Raven Hill, humiliated us as he chased us across the Eastern Kingdoms, he made us suffer when he laid siege to Caer Darrow. Now? The tables have turned. We're on the attack now, and the great conqueror has lost much of his manpower from his repeated attempts to crush us. We stand united more than before, and stronger than yesterday. Tomorrow is ours, Vanitas, you need only march on Blackrock Mountain and end this threat once and for all! Raise your banners! Rattle the sabre! March in beat with the thumping of our own drums and we will succeed! Forwards! To Victory!

Thorns of a Rose

"Their national unity stands upon a breaking point. Despite what their propaganda suggests. Spurred on by recent victories and their urge to create a national identity. Vanitas is not much more than a collective of heathens, thugs, and deviants. The moment the trust in their leader fades, their entire organization crumbles."

After the apparent instability wrought by the succession of King Anduin Wrynn. The Military of Stormwind seems to have wavered a bit weaker than on previous moments. Being stretched thin has allowed a new power to rise within the Alliance, one unexpected. That power? The Greyguard of Gilneas. Having reeled from the initial stages of war with Warchief Sylvanas, in which Gilneas was lost, Genn Greymane has reassembled his forces and readied them in a more traditional setting of warfare. The might of Gilneas grows.

As per the extremely autocratic society of Gilneas, ruled by the nobles. Nobles too run the military of Gilneas. One such noble which runs an army of Gilneas is named Lord Emmot Rosewood. Known for a calm demeanor, the man is considered a virtuoso in the art of war by his peers. With the rest of the Alliance military tied up by the Legion, Lord Rosewood was tasked with keeping the homeland safe. Given the recent reports of the resurgence of the Militaristic Cult of Vanitas, Lord Rosewood now fears a flanking attack from the Legion in the form of Vanitas.

Now assured in his actions: The Destruction of the Militaristic Cult of Vanitas is necessary to bring peace, and security to the Alliance forces engaged upon the Broken Isles, and a swift victory against the Burning Legion.


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