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Escalation Phase II

Malcolm Lair / Aug 20, 2016
The Fel Engine

It began. The Curse of Lairs. The inevitable, eventual instability and loss of mind from the Lair Bloodline which causes one to fall into a tyrannical reign of Fel. The breaking point was reached when the members of House Lair were hunted down like wild game and were threatened to be exterminated. Personal loss and sacrifice creates a good leader for Vanitas. Ruthless and cunning are key attributes. However, the gentle and diplomatic mind of Malcolm Lair caused the peaceful boy to turn to drastic measures. Enter the Fel Engine.

'Fuel for the Fel' Gul'dan once said. The new weapon from the Militaristic Cult of Vanitas embodies that. Claiming to empower the Fel energies of Lord Malus himself, the Fel Engine will surely be used to aid in the destruction of those who oppose us - namely Lady Vita, Kong the Conqueror and his Beastly Hordes. There is also speculation that the powers of the Fel Engine will be used against the might of the Burning Legion! However, due to the apparent neutrality from Malus II and Vanitas on the Demonic Invaders, has more wondering if the leadership of the Cult have been compromised by a Dread Agent. It is now unknown if the fate of Vanitas, and it's age-old promise of ultimate liberty is still assured...

Tensions arise in Vanitas...The Fel Engine Hungers.

The Armies of Naz'bal

Many years ago, during the rise of Vanitas original under the rule of Lord Malus I, the Armies of Naz'bal lent aid to Vanitas in their struggle and war against the Eastern Confederacy. The two forces went their separate ways once the war was won, and the Confederacy collapsed. Now, the Lich Naz'bal has awoken and once more lends assistance to Vanitas, dispatching a large portion of his Undead forces from the Mountains of Alterac to various Vanitas strongholds throughout the Eastern Kingdoms. These rotting ghouls seemed to have seen better days, many have simply been rotting since the Scourge Invasion of Lordaeron. However, despite the state of the Ghouls, they are numerous, and have been sworn into service with Malus as their temporary leader, so long as convenience lasts...

Naz'bal has also shared his knowledge of Scourge siege crafting with Malus as well. Teaching him the knowledge of how to make Meat Wagons designed to fire the corpses of the fallen littered with a disease meant to kill the enemy within days. However, due to the destructive nature of the Fel Engine, most of the ghouls were slaughtered in its activation. Leaving the Meat Wagons to be made by the average Vanitas cult member. Some were grand weapons of war, designed and created by Field Director Raevein and Operative Firness. Others were...Well, failed designs from the get go, made by Acolyte Renard, Informant Analawen, and Private Velsiara. The picture drawn up was rather appeasing for the eye. Shame it didn't look like how it was depicted.

The Drums of War

The stage has been set for the trap, and their changing of the tides against Kong the Conqueror in favour of the Militaristic Cult of Vanitas. All forces are being relocated to Duskwood, nearly everything Vanitas has to throw is going there. A tempting target for anyone wishing to dismantle Vanitas. However, unlike the last time, Vanitas will be ready, waiting, and prepared for the Second Battle of Duskwood. We expect the battle to be bloody. We expect it to be gruesome. We expect quite a few to never make it home again.

Be advised, witnesses have placed Lady Vita in the area of Westfall, right next door to the Duskwood Region. The sounds of combat will no doubt lure her to the location of Duskwood. The last thing Vanitas needs is to fight a war on two fronts. There is quite the decent chance that we'll only mildly feel her effects during the length of the battle against Kong the Conqueror, though as time presses on, the effects will become more drastic.

Never forget that she is out there. Watching. Waiting.

New Allies

Welcome our new Fuel for the Fel...I mean, animals to be slaughtered...I mean, friends of Vanitas. The Illidari who returned to fight the Legion on Azeroth. Many have signed up willingly on the promise that Vanitas would not judge, and would aid in the fight against the Legion. Time will tell if the corruptive powers of Malus can turn the Illidari against their former beliefs, and into true Glaives of Vanitas!



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