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Fury of Vanitas

Malcolm Lair / Aug 06, 2016
Breaking Point

House Lair has experienced quite a few humiliating defeats as of late. This is no lie, that under the leadership of Malcolm Alexander Lair cannot compare to that of his father, Uthibar Gaius Lair. After a shocking disastrous few engagements against an unknown enemy in the wilderness, and the inability to recruit new souls for the war machine, Lord Malcolm has stumbled down quite a bit. Conspiracies have risen as to why Lord Malus II cannot lead quite like his predecessor. One of which being his formerly prime advisors, Darek Storm, and Cult Lord Sevodari.

The passive, and peaceful nature of Malus II have led his enemies to become bold in their attempts to utterly destroy the weakness that is apparent in House Lair. One such creature and enemy from the past would be Lady Vita. A horrible, and failed creation from Lord Malus the First, during his time in Darkshire as a replacement for his lost love who died many years prior. She was ultimately betrayed by Lord Malus I and cast aside into obscurity, to linger in the shadows alone...That is until she found a new master.

Filled with new purpose, rage, and power. She now stalks the land, ever hungry for the life that was once taken from her. Cunning, and sinister. Lady Vita used her power to attack House Lair at its heart. Breaking the back of the House, Lady Vita too, barely escaped with her life intact. The lines have been drawn. House Lair is furious and seeks vengeance against the shadowy fiend. Be incredibly cautious, Vanitas. That shadow you see on the walls may not be your mind playing tricks on you.

The Conqueror

Kong the Conqueror was once a military leader in the Militaristic Cult of Vanitas. His ambitions led him to create an army for Vanitas until the Cult outlived its' purpose for him. He left with the army of ogres, kobolds, and other beastly creatures and went on a campaign of his own. Slaughtering all those who may be so unlucky to cross his path, he sets out to claim all former Vanitas lands as his own.

However, with the constant resurgence of House Lair, and their tenacity to not die, Kong the Conqueror awaits for each and every time whispers of Malus' return to the waking world. He waits in the wilderness, always watching, always seeking the most opportune moment to strike. His previous attacks struck heavy blows to Vanitas, as the Militaristic Cult could never land a decisive victory against the Conquering menace which plagues their lands.

New strategies would need to be drawn up to combat the lingering enemy before Kong can figure out about the existence of Lady Vita, and the two forces join together to create an unstoppable opponent that not even the former might of Vanitas could destroy in times old when it was at its' height of power. Merciless tactics, sacrifice, and brutality to match the power of the conqueror would need to be implemented in order to destroy the beast.

Alternatively, former allies could be remade and the union of fel and death could be reforged in the mountains of Alterac.

Fate of Malice

Becoming Lord Malus is more than just a responsibility to lead the forces of Vanitas, and lead in the intellectual search for immortality. Becoming Lord Malus is a curse, one which has claimed the mind and lives of so many before now. Being Malus takes away the heart, soul, and mind of those who claim the title. Sometimes, for the vain, it claims something physical. For those who were once pure of heart, it claims the heart of the man or woman who should wield it. Now, the Curse of Malus has struck again. Dealing something of a mystery to our current Lord. Physically, and mentally, Lord Malus II has changed severely. Rumours begin to spread, and some may begin to assume a cause for what happened.

An ultimate sacrifice had to be named, whether or not this was fel related remains unknown.

Whatever happened, and whatever the facts are. The truths remain as follows. Malus has never seemed so dedicated to the path of vengeance and hatred. A focused mind, no remorse, no regret, no outwards pain. A leader the people of Vanitas have been hoping for what seems to be a century. Someone who will solidify, and destroy those who would oppose them. Someone who will take the enemies that lie before them, and cast them into the abyss. Someone who will not waver should the casualties pile upon them. A wartime leader in the face of outstanding odds. No longer a coward who will hide at the first sight of danger and wait for said danger to pass.

Vanitas has a leader who will stand in the face of danger, and lead, with his life on the line. Would you stand beside him?


We're hunting Murlocs. That wasn't a joke. It's imperative to the story.

Love, Malus.



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