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Malcolm Lair / Feb 10, 2016
Stormwind is Ready to Fall

Vanitas may have been gone for the past ten months, only to have been replaced by the Cult of Malus and its Lord, Sevodari. However, it has been ten months of corrupt nobility, petty thievery, and sexually charged fiends posing as a 'cult.' The people of Stormwind are ready to turn, they are really to twist violently and await a new radical movement, arise, Lord Malus. With the Militaristic Cult of Vanitas restored, and Lord Malus offering a third way through the desperation of Stormwind, many have flocked to his banner - this only makes the reemergence of Vanitas a heated issue.

Nobles and veterans of a far gone war now speak. They remember the days when the militaristic cult was known across the city. An age of unprecedented death and terror for the noble class, and the Paladins who support them. Even now, while debates occur within the noble chambers, the armies of Malus gather and train for a coming war which would prove the supremacy and discipline of Lord Malus' new war machine. The armies of Vanitas will cover all of Azeroth once more in a sea of darkness.

Artifacts of an Ancient Era

Though Lord Tho'lain has returned to the Order of Vanitas, he was stripped from his rank, more than likely due to his age and senility. As such, Lord Malus has temporarily taken up the Occult Branch, until he can find an apprentice and groom them in his image in order to become the new Lord or Lady of the Occult. Whomever should be a successful apprentice to Lord Malus and pass his training, would not only be qualified, but understand exactly what Lord Malus wants from his Occult Branch. Expect Apprentice tryouts later on in the month.

In the mean time, Lord Malus will take a different approach to the Occult Branch than Lord Tho'lain. The Occult Branch will be expected to find, and take artifacts of the Shadow Council, or Gul'dan. The Occult Branch will also be expected to learn History, and to research much about the old cults as possible. A special challenge? Sit through one of ol' crazy Tho'lains stories. The Occult Branch will focus heavily on trying to restore the old ways. As Malus would no doubt tell you himself, he sees himself, and he sees Vanitas, as the natural successors to Gul'dan and his Shadow Council.

Trouble in Booty Bay!

What happens when you take a man who has never done an honest days work, give him three kids, and expect him to hide like a normal person? Of course! You get caught up paying a debt to a Goblin Crime Boss! Grand General Darek Storm was forced into hiding after his three kids were born, fearing that any actions against any established state would put his children in jeopardy. However, what had happened next was the opposite. By inaction, he ended up owing money to a subdivision of the cartel, who in turn, kidnapped his children. The people who kidnapped his children are no longer alive, and bits of their flesh and muscle can still be seen on some beaches in Stranglethorn to this day.

With Darek's apparent return to Vanitas, the Crime Bosses are not happy. To have lost one of their enforcers that owe them a great debt is not taken lightly. Old Militaristic Cult or not, the Goblin Crime Boss doubts the full potential of the Vanitas War Machine once it starts moving. Perhaps he just wants to show Darek a lesson and take Vanitas out of the equation all together? Or perhaps he shows sheer ignorance about the facts of Vanitas. Either way, it will be an educational delight.

Final note, Darek will also be seeking a replacement for the Intel Branch. He will choose people who are most available, and are the best at their respective job. They will need to achieve the rank of Assistant Director in order to qualify for the Intel Branch Director.

Reclamation of Caer Darrow

With the fall of the Militaristic Cult of Vanitas, went with it every single inch of Northern Territory and the fortress of Caer Darrow. The Darrow, a shimmering jewel in the northern territories of the Eastern Kingdoms was once the main base of operations for all Vanitas war efforts. To reclaim the Darrow would be a great push towards being recognized as the powerhouse we once were. Without it, we'd just be a ghost of what Vanitas was.

In order to fully take it, we'd need to dismantle any new forces which claim holdings on Alterac or even the Arathi Highlands. We'd need to subjugate the peasants by force, turn them into serfs for the Militaristic Cult, and force them to work for us instead of whatever regime they follow to this day. Lord Malus will give the commander of this invasion unlimited executive powers in order to do what they wish, cause whatever damage, and destroy what they need in order to break the will of the peasants. Thus far, Lord Malus is heavily considering Lord Vires for the operation to reclaim Caer Darrow.

Return of the Doctor

If you find yourself pained, wounded, cut, choking, missing your shots, if your rib cage is not showing, if your knees are not visible, if your skin is not rotting, if your heart is beating, if you are still breathing...Then you may be facing further symptoms of being alive. This is not a good thing, Call Doctor Minick Von Stryker today on the communicator, in order to get a full evaluation and a bill of clean health. Clean health is most necessary for the war machine of Vanitas.

Don't feel well, get ill.



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