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The New Order

Malcolm Lair / Aug 31, 2015
Vanitas has Fallen!

The Order of Vanitas, and of Lord Malus have been shattered by the traitors who took advantage of it from within and sought to dismantle it. Vanitas now lingers in distant memory, a forgotten shell, nothing but ruin and destruction. Even Lord Malus the Second has disappeared into the void and is no longer whispered upon the common man. For why would they? Archimonde was seen in Draenor, and war with the Burning Legion is looming with increasing demonic activities.

Archimonde has appeared, and has been defeated once more by the heroes of Azeroth. Gul'dan forced into the Twisting Nether, a tool, a cog in the master plan of the Burning Legion. The myths of Malus do not even stand close to the threat of the Burning Legion upon the horizon. So, he's been allowed to fade into darkness, consumed by his failure to achieve immortality through his own legend.

Though, good has come out of the events of Draenor, and out of the destruction of Vanitas. Peace. The North lands which Vanitas held so firmly fall silent, and farmers can once again grow their crops in peace. No more farmers being levied to do the bidding of a Southern Lord who sits upon a throne miles away. No more young lads and husbands dying to the numerous Vanitas civil wars.

Green returns to lands which were once scarred by explosive shells from naval bombardments and aerial raids. The dead which littered the earth in the Highlands are buried at long last, to be at peace themselves. In the south, new owners have taken occupation of former Vanitas lands, and have claimed lands as their own in the wake of their disappearance. The last remnants of the mighty wars of Vanitas have been washed away by time.

The New Order

In the forests of Duskwood, stands a Draenei who once served as a close adviser of Lord Malus himself. His cynical wit and lack of empathy made him a cruel strategist when it came to aiding Malus in his decision making. However, one thing stood above the rest about this Draenei, is his unwavering loyalty to House Lair and to Lord Malus. Even in the disappearance of the Lairs, the Draenei still seeks to band together a brand new cult which would follow the teachings of Malus.

This new cult, which stands more akin to the original Vanitas before Darek Storm and Raymond Dinath Tho'lain had bastardized it. It is more cruel, more vicious, more cunning, more unforgiving, and more vindictive than it had been in the last two years of its existence. Life means nothing to this new order, and its cultists will be taught this key fact. Rituals, and blood sacrifices will be key to maintaining order in this new Cult of Malus.

Now, with nothing else left to lose, the new order, the Cult of Malus, branches off in hopes to do their former leader proud. The first thing that must be done by the Cult of Malus would be to carve out a land for which they could reside in peace, while they build their numbers in order to retake to ancient capital of Vanitas.

What could possibly be gained by retaking the ancient capital of the Militaristic Cult of Vanitas? Cult-Lord Sevodari would then be able to claim that he is the new rightful Lord of Vanitas and continue on in the works of Lord Malus where the former lord had failed. Others may suggest that Cult-Lord Sevodari would seek to bring Lord Malus back from the shroud of darkness he had been living in. Time will only tell...

All Hail the Cult of Malus!

((Vanitas 2.0. has gone live! We're currently recruiting once again! Vanitas 2.0. will contain a series of changes which are meant to bring back the feeling of the original cult aspect of Vanitas. We, here at Vanitas HQ noticed that the clan cult feeling of Vanitas had been removed from the guild as a whole. It removed a certain aspect of storytelling which made us so popular and removed the aspect of allowing characters to develop. With these changes, we hope to have a very good 2016, and a very good launch for LEGION.


  • New Guild Headquarters.

  • Random RP will be the forefront of our storytelling, while events will be returned back to a weekly or bi-weekly occurrence. They will also stick to the weekends.

  • Random, small scaled, but fun events will occur throughout the day to encourage a more active player base.

  • Vanitas will continue its engaging realistic storytelling, as it is the forefront of what made us great in the first place.

  • Our NPC armies have been dismantled! Which means we have to go back to being smart when engaging in conflicts instead of sheer brute force.

  • With the NPC armies being dismantled, we have given Reilan "Reife" Dethold the position of lead forum content creator in order to make our forums fun again!

  • We've completely cut down the requirements needed to complete the application. Look at it, there's barely anything to it!

  • Our biggest interest is to, as always, make a fun, engaging story for your character to carry on out to the community!

  • As always, our guild promise has returned: Your character will not be the same going out, as it was coming in.

  • And much, much more.))


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