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No Strength in Fear

Piano / Apr 02, 2015
He heard the call of Vanitas.
The cries of despair and the screams of war.

He could ignore it no longer.

With John Tho'lain's effective magic still the source of his second resurrection, Ihcapnek Skvir Njhrosen knew this pull at the base of his undying essence.
The pull of a master on the strings of his puppet.

The sheer thought of being controlled was a sour one, but Ihcapnek quickly sought out his bone gryphon at the site of his original death at the hands of Dinath off the coast of Surwich. He found his old gear and his communication stone that connected all of Vanitas. What he did not find, however, was his ship.

-HIS- ship.
The Fortress that he had stolen from Pirate Lord Drominativic Asarblamativic. Gone.

What steeped into his bones was more than anger. It was the seething desire for revenge and nothing would be able to sate it unless blood was spilled and lives were taken.

To him, food meant nothing.
Drink had no effect.
Making love was out of the question in undeath.

No. Lives had to be claimed.

Lord Malus heard his rage over the comm, and invited his old friend for a talk. They spoke of many weak links polluting the name of Vanitas. Ihcapnek would be reinstated as the Harbinger of Fear, General of a large force, if - and only IF Ihcapnek could bring purity back into Vanitas. The purity that drove soldiers to fight without doubt for Lord Malus. The purity that once made Vanitas great had to dwell once again within the hearts of the men and women who served Vanitas that in turn, served them.

Ihcapnek sent word out to every member of his return. Every man and woman who would not submit and cease their uprisings would be subject to a slow, painful torture, death, and resurrection into his own personal service.

Reports came flooding back to General Njhrosen of defectors, some who were in high standing with Vanitas fled for their lives and now hide behind thin veils of flesh and bone, hoping those loyal to -their- cause would be strong enough to halt the relentless drive of death and decay towards their hearth and home.

Others were not so lucky.

The Harbinger of Fear had returned and restored purity with his very essence, driving away those too weak to serve and those too cowardly to die.

In contemplation, Ihcapnek sat against his throne of death and compiled a list of defectors who yet lived to tell the tale of his savagery.
Their day would come.



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