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Malcolm Lair / Feb 12, 2017
Guild/Fan Content

If there's one thing, that we here at Vanitas love more than anything in the world is when fans, or guildies make some special content and OOC jokes just for us to laugh at! Here are a few entries made by Veklin, resident maniac Death Knight. No, the other one. No, the other one. Yes, the bald one. Anyways! These entries have absolutely tickled me. Good at drawing? Make some Vanitas art. Good comedian? Make some Vanitas jokes. Good at both? Make a Vanitas comic! It's always something that I am eager to view. Most times, when both Historia and I are in bed at night, we'll lay there and laugh, and imitate the caricatures of our characters. It's sometimes good to view ourselves in a stupid, exaggerated and comical manner.

I 100% encourage anyone to make stuff about this guild. I'll even make a section of absolute honour on the guild site about these caricatures you have of the guild. Thank you Veklin for taking a brave step!

Return of the Malus Intelligence Agency Dictatorship!

As of Tuesday, February 7th, Grand General Darek Storm has reassumed command of Vanitas under the nose of Lord Historia. Stealing the votes of power from each of the acting branch leaders, this semi-democratic vote, has given Darek absolute power over the military, intelligence, occult, airforce, and navy of Vanitas. A half-week after taking power, Darek has ordered the suicide over every prominent officer of Vanitas, the utter withdrawal of every squad and platoon of Vanitas from the Eastern Kingdoms, leaving former Vanitas possessions highly vulnerable to the dukedom of Emmot Rosewood.

Even as news of the utter Vanitas withdrawal from the Eastern Kingdoms reaches an overly confident, and elated Duke Emmot Rosewood. All the military commander must do now is lean back in his armchair and thank the overthrow of the Vanitas nobility, and the installation of the questionable strategies of Darek Storm.

The Capture of Commander Villetta Rosewood

As per the mission of the Intelligence Branch of Vanitas, the commander of the Gilnean Pathfinder Infantry Regiment was captured from her stronghold in Hillsbrad Foothills. In a daring mission that involved no casualties on either side, the commander was brought back to Caer Darrow to be tortured by every prominent Vanitas member. However, the torture had little effect as the Elite Infantry Commander then questioned the motives, the morals, and the discipline of the former unstoppable Vanitas war machine. What was once a feared force of chaos, that forced their demands and peace treaties of their choosing whenever they stooped their nose into other organizations conflicts. Fringe guilds would look to them for guidance or protection. Their discipline and force of will dissolved conflicts alone. Organizations would more often than not, consider the political effects of their actions when Vanitas was involved, so as to not initiate an act of Mutually Assured Destruction.

Now, Villetta observed, Vanitas was naught but a band of rabble, becoming the fringe organization they swore to protect three years ago. Vanitas, now cared about family, and feelings, rather than breaking down and enforcing their will and destroying those who opposed them. This is why, she would later note, that Vanitas would be destined to lose everything they'd strive to achieve, because they now lacked their discipline, their iron will, their unstoppable mindset, and more importantly, Vanitas lost their confidence, and their prior feelings of invincibility. Like Hegemonic World Power who were shaken by a nation defining event that had only now started to sink in years after the event occurred. A morality and identity crisis takes hold, and the result? The people elect into power a questionable maniac to run the entire damned thing.

Villetta would lift her head from her journals about the rise and fall of the Vanitas Decade, and would simply ask herself:

Malcolm Lair / Dec 24, 2016
Lord Malus has Fallen!

In a stunning turn of events, when the plan was to reenact the assassination of Thane Galvynn Thulmane with Count Emmot Rosewood, the plan backfired. Despite interrupting the wedding of Duke Robert of Summerhill and Lady Mona Rosewood, the act also involved the death of our beloved Lord Malus the Second. Despite the numbers of nobles we had killed in the attendance of the wedding, most of the kill count being claimed by Ramok himself, Count Emmot Rosewood had dispatched his entire force to protect his interests during the wedding.

In a sick twisted game, the plan from Emmot all along was to make sure Vanitas came to the wedding, so that he could pin the assassination of Duke Robert of Summerhill, and Lady Mona Rosewood on Lord Malus, before slaying him. How we figured this out? Duke Robert of Summerhill had no surviving relatives.

By the unfair rules of succession, the line of Summerhill fell to Count Emmot Rosewood, who is now the Lord of all of Robert's holdings, claiming himself now, as Duke Emmot Rosewood of Summerhill. Gaining a substantial amount of fresh new worgen levies, and more resources to pour into his ever growing war machine to take on Vanitas at their source. More manpower than Vanitas could ever hope to muster, the darkest days of Vanitas is now upon them. With no hope, no will to survive, and now now leader. Duke Rosewood is now in a prime position to strike at long last, and win an absolute, and decisive victory.

The Militaristic Cult of Vanitas only has a few options remaining, now with Lady Historia Lair in charge of the cult unwillingly, and Grand General Darek Storm seizing command of all remaining forces within Vanitas. A strategy is still being written up to take on the Duke himself. Yet, none better than retreat and pray makes themselves noticeable.

The entire event was a stunning blow and a tragedy to the forces of the Militaristic Cult of Vanitas, and one would begin to assume that the death of the one they believed in, that they followed to the letter, that they looked up to and maybe only sometimes respected, had fallen in the field of battle, a warrior, worthy of the Halls of Valor in the eyes of Odyn himself, perhaps.

Now, Lord Malcolm Alexander Lair lies with his Grandfather and Father in a nameless family tomb.

Return of an Imperialistic Dream

With the apparent rise and return of Darek Storm to the forefront of all Vanitas planning and wargoals, with that too comes with the apparent ambitions of an Empire to live for a thousand, thousand years. Flags which were once green within the halls of Fortress Lair are now draped in red. The armored blackguard have thrown down their swords for the muskets. The formerly unrecognized Malus Intelligence Agency has returned in full force with their black coats, their black caps, their red armbands, and their sinister way of mind.

Thoughts of disloyalty are a traitors mindset and they will be shot and killed for harbouring such thoughts. Treason is the forefront of everyone's mind as someone had betrayed Vanitas for Duke Emmot Rosewood himself. How will Duke Rosewood deal with the return of the M.I.A. Dictatorship of Vanitas? How will he react? How do we know the dictatorship is back in force? The crypt in which the leaders of the M.I.A. leaders would meet in secret has been ordered to be reopened by Grand General Storm himself. The Secret Society is back.

Fires over Gilneas!

Following the death of Lord Malus II, the Militaristic Cult of Vanitas (Or the Grand Vanitas Empire if you are a Storm supporter...) has been filled with absolute vengeance. The very first order by both Historia Storm, and Grand General Darek Storm has been to fuel and load every single Turbo Charged Flying Machine Vanitas had and unleash them upon the unsuspecting Gilneans at Keel Harbor where the Rosewood Families ancestral home is located.

Unleashing thirty-four fighter-bombers, the air raid lasted two hours, with the most devastating effect happening in the last fifteen minutes, when each of the Flying Machines had finally used up their ammunition and resorted to their wildfire bombs to raze what remained of the Rosewood Family land. Estimate reports state that Vanitas had only lost three pilots, while the Gilneans had suffered fourty six civilian casualties, and fifteen guard casualties.

With the rise of the M.I.A, the Grand Vanitas Empire, and Darek Storm. Once more, the enemies of Vanitas will witness what is known as Total War. No one is to be spared from the effects of a war of survival. Every tactic, every war crime must be committed. Moral authority is no longer warranted in Darek Storm's new empire. Those who would challenge the Imperial Might of Vanitas will face total war and destruction by any means necessary.

Northrend Campaign - Scorched Earth Policy

There is not a doubt that Duke Emmot Rosewood knows the entire landscape and the fortifications of the Plaguelands. He would expect Vanitas to not give up a single ounce of land. Which is why we're going to flip the tables on him. We're going to give up all of our land and travel to Northrend. The bombing raids of Gilneas was to lure him out of the Eastern Kingdoms, and bring him to us in Northrend. In the frigid cold winters of Northrend, where temperatures drop to fourty below on a good day, we will scorch the earth, and salt the land as we go. We will make Northrend unbearable for his armies to survive. When the attrition finally nips him in the butt, we'll strike with our full force. Until then, we wait. We lay traps. We plan around him. We goad him into conflict of our choosing and when the time is right...The Duke Rosewood would be no more.

The hastily built, and scrapped together Vanitas Imperial Navy will be docked at Faldir's Cove, ready to take sail and go to the Howling Fjord where the Scorched Earth policy will begin. All forces will be expected to arrive at Faldir's Cove, the very moment the order is given by Imperial High Command. No exceptions. Those that get left behind, do so knowing full well that Duke Emmot Rosewood would soon catch them and eliminate them from Azeroth.






Malcolm Lair / Oct 22, 2016
Return of the Grand General

Created by Lord Malus the First. Raised up by the Tho'lains. Forged in the fires of infinite war.

Born in Stratholme years before the betrayal of Prince Arthas and the purging of the once proud Lordaeronian City. Darek Storm was a child born to the peasant classes of the Alliance, post Second War. However, after the sacking of Stratholme by the Scourge, Storm fled the city alone. Having killed his family during the initial stages of the purge, Storm would soon find his way to his remaining family in Southshore, the Silverfields. Darek soon after left Southshore, having found his cousin Aerius Silverfield incredibly annoying.

Storm found himself upon a pirate ship known as the Victory, serving as part of her crew. His travels and lack of caring about consequences led him to the Lairs where he would meet Levi Lair and eventually, Atris Lair. Forming an obsession with the young paladin's mother, he would feign being the young boys friend to get close. Nothing lasts forever, and when Atris went missing, and Uthibar Lair took up the mantle of Lord Malus, Darek would find himself on the run once more from the growing insanity of Malus.

During the Cataclysm crisis, Darek was captured by Malus, having been lured out of hiding by Doctor Syn Harvest. In an effort to test his new serums, Malus had heard a rumour that Blood of the Worgen would indeed cause the effects of lycanthropy. Eager to build a new army of Worgen that served him, Malus would test the serum on Darek. Test would prove to be a failure, as Darek was far too unruly to maintain and control.

Storm would return to the Victory to take control of the ship. Darek would experience a year of success as the Pirate Captain, temporarily filling the void left by the Fortress when she became an inactive ship. However, one fateful trip to Booty Bay would allow Darek to get captured once more by Lord Malus the First. Darek was forced to serve as a guard of House Lair during the Dark Reign of Duskwood.

After the fall of Dark Hand Duskwood, Darek would serve SI:7 as a Confidential Informant on Cultist Activities. When he heard that Malus had returned at the head of the Militaristic Cult of Vanitas. Storm would leap headfirst into the fray in order to bust the Dark Lord once and for all, but would soon find himself involved with the Malus Intelligence Agency.

Serving as a Colonel in the Malus Intelligence Agency, Darek oversaw the attempted genocide carried out by Vanitas. Sickened by the acts committed by both the Tho'lains and the Lairs. Darek would turn to a potential ally within the M.I.A. Raymond Dinath Tho'lain, a former soldier of the Light within the Eastern Confederacy. Dinath, just as sickened by the acts committed by Lord Malus and Lord John Tho'lain, would begin to plan the eventual takeover of Vanitas with Colonel Darek Storm.

Fabricating attacks on Vanitas, and the death of Cyen Scytheel, Darek and Dinath would both declare Martial Law upon Vanitas, forcing the pressure upon the average Vanitas citizen and the urge for change. The M.I.A. quickly took emergency powers from Lord Malus until they were able to seize total control of the Cult in a coup d'etat which would eventually lead to Darek and Dinath slaying Uthibar Lair in a combat to the death.

Darek and Dinath agreed to rule Vanitas as Grand General and Field Marshal. However, Darek would begin to push Dinath out of the executive decision making, taking on the responsibility and power for himself. Under the rule of the Grand General, Vanitas saw unprecedented growth, economically and militarily. The growth, pride, and feeling of invincibility led the Grand General upon a suicidal campaign to the Alterac Mountains during the beginning of winter. After a month of hard fighting, guerilla attacks, and war crimes, Darek was forced to pull out of the region.

Turning his attention to the Grand Vanitas Navy, the Grand General was assured the way to expand the power of Imperial Vanitas was through seizing prime trade routes, and the most important route would be through an island controlled by the Nightfall Vanguard. An invasion was laid out, a three pronged attack which saw a naval invasion, and two attacks via bridges which connected to the mainland. The attack was an utter failure, as the Nightfall Vanguard repelled the M.I.A. forces.

What followed was a bloody war of attrition with the Nightfall Vanguard, which would eventually lead to a ceasefire where the Vanguard would need to pull out of all lands associated with Vanitas and the Vanguard would pay War Reparations to damaged Vanitas holdings. In return, Vanitas would give up its naval ambitions, building no further ships to gain naval dominance in the Eastern Kingdoms.

Despite the ceasefire, Darek would salvage the sunken ship known as the Fortress and apply iron and steam to it, creating a beastly ironclad warship that is considered to be impossible to defeat. However, the ceasefire was considered void when the Lair Nobility returned to Vanitas in the form of Malcolm Alexander Lair, Lord Malus the Second.

Since then, Darek was resigned to being the most militarily sound mind in Vanitas, and the arena champion of Vanitas for several months until his defeat by the hands of Historia Lair. Since then, the Grand General fell to obscurity, until now when he returns to Active Service within the Military of Vanitas.

Expect a period of militarism to follow.

Conqueror Conquered

After many hard fought battles, after many sacrifices. This week, a conqueror falls. The Grand Might of Vanitas now pushes upon Blackrock Mountain to deal a final blow to the psychotic killer and beast master known as Lord Insidious, formerly known as Kong the Conqueror. There is no retreat. No surrender. No beast or no creature could force you back. This war ends here and now so that we may return to rebuilding the Empire of Vanitas, with the bones of Lord Insidious as the foundation for this new Empire.

He crushed us in Raven Hill, humiliated us as he chased us across the Eastern Kingdoms, he made us suffer when he laid siege to Caer Darrow. Now? The tables have turned. We're on the attack now, and the great conqueror has lost much of his manpower from his repeated attempts to crush us. We stand united more than before, and stronger than yesterday. Tomorrow is ours, Vanitas, you need only march on Blackrock Mountain and end this threat once and for all! Raise your banners! Rattle the sabre! March in beat with the thumping of our own drums and we will succeed! Forwards! To Victory!

Thorns of a Rose

"Their national unity stands upon a breaking point. Despite what their propaganda suggests. Spurred on by recent victories and their urge to create a national identity. Vanitas is not much more than a collective of heathens, thugs, and deviants. The moment the trust in their leader fades, their entire organization crumbles."

After the apparent instability wrought by the succession of King Anduin Wrynn. The Military of Stormwind seems to have wavered a bit weaker than on previous moments. Being stretched thin has allowed a new power to rise within the Alliance, one unexpected. That power? The Greyguard of Gilneas. Having reeled from the initial stages of war with Warchief Sylvanas, in which Gilneas was lost, Genn Greymane has reassembled his forces and readied them in a more traditional setting of warfare. The might of Gilneas grows.

As per the extremely autocratic society of Gilneas, ruled by the nobles. Nobles too run the military of Gilneas. One such noble which runs an army of Gilneas is named Lord Emmot Rosewood. Known for a calm demeanor, the man is considered a virtuoso in the art of war by his peers. With the rest of the Alliance military tied up by the Legion, Lord Rosewood was tasked with keeping the homeland safe. Given the recent reports of the resurgence of the Militaristic Cult of Vanitas, Lord Rosewood now fears a flanking attack from the Legion in the form of Vanitas.

Now assured in his actions: The Destruction of the Militaristic Cult of Vanitas is necessary to bring peace, and security to the Alliance forces engaged upon the Broken Isles, and a swift victory against the Burning Legion.

Malcolm Lair / Aug 20, 2016
The Fel Engine

It began. The Curse of Lairs. The inevitable, eventual instability and loss of mind from the Lair Bloodline which causes one to fall into a tyrannical reign of Fel. The breaking point was reached when the members of House Lair were hunted down like wild game and were threatened to be exterminated. Personal loss and sacrifice creates a good leader for Vanitas. Ruthless and cunning are key attributes. However, the gentle and diplomatic mind of Malcolm Lair caused the peaceful boy to turn to drastic measures. Enter the Fel Engine.

'Fuel for the Fel' Gul'dan once said. The new weapon from the Militaristic Cult of Vanitas embodies that. Claiming to empower the Fel energies of Lord Malus himself, the Fel Engine will surely be used to aid in the destruction of those who oppose us - namely Lady Vita, Kong the Conqueror and his Beastly Hordes. There is also speculation that the powers of the Fel Engine will be used against the might of the Burning Legion! However, due to the apparent neutrality from Malus II and Vanitas on the Demonic Invaders, has more wondering if the leadership of the Cult have been compromised by a Dread Agent. It is now unknown if the fate of Vanitas, and it's age-old promise of ultimate liberty is still assured...

Tensions arise in Vanitas...The Fel Engine Hungers.

The Armies of Naz'bal

Many years ago, during the rise of Vanitas original under the rule of Lord Malus I, the Armies of Naz'bal lent aid to Vanitas in their struggle and war against the Eastern Confederacy. The two forces went their separate ways once the war was won, and the Confederacy collapsed. Now, the Lich Naz'bal has awoken and once more lends assistance to Vanitas, dispatching a large portion of his Undead forces from the Mountains of Alterac to various Vanitas strongholds throughout the Eastern Kingdoms. These rotting ghouls seemed to have seen better days, many have simply been rotting since the Scourge Invasion of Lordaeron. However, despite the state of the Ghouls, they are numerous, and have been sworn into service with Malus as their temporary leader, so long as convenience lasts...

Naz'bal has also shared his knowledge of Scourge siege crafting with Malus as well. Teaching him the knowledge of how to make Meat Wagons designed to fire the corpses of the fallen littered with a disease meant to kill the enemy within days. However, due to the destructive nature of the Fel Engine, most of the ghouls were slaughtered in its activation. Leaving the Meat Wagons to be made by the average Vanitas cult member. Some were grand weapons of war, designed and created by Field Director Raevein and Operative Firness. Others were...Well, failed designs from the get go, made by Acolyte Renard, Informant Analawen, and Private Velsiara. The picture drawn up was rather appeasing for the eye. Shame it didn't look like how it was depicted.

The Drums of War

The stage has been set for the trap, and their changing of the tides against Kong the Conqueror in favour of the Militaristic Cult of Vanitas. All forces are being relocated to Duskwood, nearly everything Vanitas has to throw is going there. A tempting target for anyone wishing to dismantle Vanitas. However, unlike the last time, Vanitas will be ready, waiting, and prepared for the Second Battle of Duskwood. We expect the battle to be bloody. We expect it to be gruesome. We expect quite a few to never make it home again.

Be advised, witnesses have placed Lady Vita in the area of Westfall, right next door to the Duskwood Region. The sounds of combat will no doubt lure her to the location of Duskwood. The last thing Vanitas needs is to fight a war on two fronts. There is quite the decent chance that we'll only mildly feel her effects during the length of the battle against Kong the Conqueror, though as time presses on, the effects will become more drastic.

Never forget that she is out there. Watching. Waiting.

New Allies

Welcome our new Fuel for the Fel...I mean, animals to be slaughtered...I mean, friends of Vanitas. The Illidari who returned to fight the Legion on Azeroth. Many have signed up willingly on the promise that Vanitas would not judge, and would aid in the fight against the Legion. Time will tell if the corruptive powers of Malus can turn the Illidari against their former beliefs, and into true Glaives of Vanitas!

Malcolm Lair / Aug 06, 2016
Breaking Point

House Lair has experienced quite a few humiliating defeats as of late. This is no lie, that under the leadership of Malcolm Alexander Lair cannot compare to that of his father, Uthibar Gaius Lair. After a shocking disastrous few engagements against an unknown enemy in the wilderness, and the inability to recruit new souls for the war machine, Lord Malcolm has stumbled down quite a bit. Conspiracies have risen as to why Lord Malus II cannot lead quite like his predecessor. One of which being his formerly prime advisors, Darek Storm, and Cult Lord Sevodari.

The passive, and peaceful nature of Malus II have led his enemies to become bold in their attempts to utterly destroy the weakness that is apparent in House Lair. One such creature and enemy from the past would be Lady Vita. A horrible, and failed creation from Lord Malus the First, during his time in Darkshire as a replacement for his lost love who died many years prior. She was ultimately betrayed by Lord Malus I and cast aside into obscurity, to linger in the shadows alone...That is until she found a new master.

Filled with new purpose, rage, and power. She now stalks the land, ever hungry for the life that was once taken from her. Cunning, and sinister. Lady Vita used her power to attack House Lair at its heart. Breaking the back of the House, Lady Vita too, barely escaped with her life intact. The lines have been drawn. House Lair is furious and seeks vengeance against the shadowy fiend. Be incredibly cautious, Vanitas. That shadow you see on the walls may not be your mind playing tricks on you.

The Conqueror

Kong the Conqueror was once a military leader in the Militaristic Cult of Vanitas. His ambitions led him to create an army for Vanitas until the Cult outlived its' purpose for him. He left with the army of ogres, kobolds, and other beastly creatures and went on a campaign of his own. Slaughtering all those who may be so unlucky to cross his path, he sets out to claim all former Vanitas lands as his own.

However, with the constant resurgence of House Lair, and their tenacity to not die, Kong the Conqueror awaits for each and every time whispers of Malus' return to the waking world. He waits in the wilderness, always watching, always seeking the most opportune moment to strike. His previous attacks struck heavy blows to Vanitas, as the Militaristic Cult could never land a decisive victory against the Conquering menace which plagues their lands.

New strategies would need to be drawn up to combat the lingering enemy before Kong can figure out about the existence of Lady Vita, and the two forces join together to create an unstoppable opponent that not even the former might of Vanitas could destroy in times old when it was at its' height of power. Merciless tactics, sacrifice, and brutality to match the power of the conqueror would need to be implemented in order to destroy the beast.

Alternatively, former allies could be remade and the union of fel and death could be reforged in the mountains of Alterac.

Fate of Malice

Becoming Lord Malus is more than just a responsibility to lead the forces of Vanitas, and lead in the intellectual search for immortality. Becoming Lord Malus is a curse, one which has claimed the mind and lives of so many before now. Being Malus takes away the heart, soul, and mind of those who claim the title. Sometimes, for the vain, it claims something physical. For those who were once pure of heart, it claims the heart of the man or woman who should wield it. Now, the Curse of Malus has struck again. Dealing something of a mystery to our current Lord. Physically, and mentally, Lord Malus II has changed severely. Rumours begin to spread, and some may begin to assume a cause for what happened.

An ultimate sacrifice had to be named, whether or not this was fel related remains unknown.

Whatever happened, and whatever the facts are. The truths remain as follows. Malus has never seemed so dedicated to the path of vengeance and hatred. A focused mind, no remorse, no regret, no outwards pain. A leader the people of Vanitas have been hoping for what seems to be a century. Someone who will solidify, and destroy those who would oppose them. Someone who will take the enemies that lie before them, and cast them into the abyss. Someone who will not waver should the casualties pile upon them. A wartime leader in the face of outstanding odds. No longer a coward who will hide at the first sight of danger and wait for said danger to pass.

Vanitas has a leader who will stand in the face of danger, and lead, with his life on the line. Would you stand beside him?


We're hunting Murlocs. That wasn't a joke. It's imperative to the story.

Love, Malus.

Malcolm Lair / Feb 10, 2016
Stormwind is Ready to Fall

Vanitas may have been gone for the past ten months, only to have been replaced by the Cult of Malus and its Lord, Sevodari. However, it has been ten months of corrupt nobility, petty thievery, and sexually charged fiends posing as a 'cult.' The people of Stormwind are ready to turn, they are really to twist violently and await a new radical movement, arise, Lord Malus. With the Militaristic Cult of Vanitas restored, and Lord Malus offering a third way through the desperation of Stormwind, many have flocked to his banner - this only makes the reemergence of Vanitas a heated issue.

Nobles and veterans of a far gone war now speak. They remember the days when the militaristic cult was known across the city. An age of unprecedented death and terror for the noble class, and the Paladins who support them. Even now, while debates occur within the noble chambers, the armies of Malus gather and train for a coming war which would prove the supremacy and discipline of Lord Malus' new war machine. The armies of Vanitas will cover all of Azeroth once more in a sea of darkness.

Artifacts of an Ancient Era

Though Lord Tho'lain has returned to the Order of Vanitas, he was stripped from his rank, more than likely due to his age and senility. As such, Lord Malus has temporarily taken up the Occult Branch, until he can find an apprentice and groom them in his image in order to become the new Lord or Lady of the Occult. Whomever should be a successful apprentice to Lord Malus and pass his training, would not only be qualified, but understand exactly what Lord Malus wants from his Occult Branch. Expect Apprentice tryouts later on in the month.

In the mean time, Lord Malus will take a different approach to the Occult Branch than Lord Tho'lain. The Occult Branch will be expected to find, and take artifacts of the Shadow Council, or Gul'dan. The Occult Branch will also be expected to learn History, and to research much about the old cults as possible. A special challenge? Sit through one of ol' crazy Tho'lains stories. The Occult Branch will focus heavily on trying to restore the old ways. As Malus would no doubt tell you himself, he sees himself, and he sees Vanitas, as the natural successors to Gul'dan and his Shadow Council.

Trouble in Booty Bay!

What happens when you take a man who has never done an honest days work, give him three kids, and expect him to hide like a normal person? Of course! You get caught up paying a debt to a Goblin Crime Boss! Grand General Darek Storm was forced into hiding after his three kids were born, fearing that any actions against any established state would put his children in jeopardy. However, what had happened next was the opposite. By inaction, he ended up owing money to a subdivision of the cartel, who in turn, kidnapped his children. The people who kidnapped his children are no longer alive, and bits of their flesh and muscle can still be seen on some beaches in Stranglethorn to this day.

With Darek's apparent return to Vanitas, the Crime Bosses are not happy. To have lost one of their enforcers that owe them a great debt is not taken lightly. Old Militaristic Cult or not, the Goblin Crime Boss doubts the full potential of the Vanitas War Machine once it starts moving. Perhaps he just wants to show Darek a lesson and take Vanitas out of the equation all together? Or perhaps he shows sheer ignorance about the facts of Vanitas. Either way, it will be an educational delight.

Final note, Darek will also be seeking a replacement for the Intel Branch. He will choose people who are most available, and are the best at their respective job. They will need to achieve the rank of Assistant Director in order to qualify for the Intel Branch Director.

Reclamation of Caer Darrow

With the fall of the Militaristic Cult of Vanitas, went with it every single inch of Northern Territory and the fortress of Caer Darrow. The Darrow, a shimmering jewel in the northern territories of the Eastern Kingdoms was once the main base of operations for all Vanitas war efforts. To reclaim the Darrow would be a great push towards being recognized as the powerhouse we once were. Without it, we'd just be a ghost of what Vanitas was.

In order to fully take it, we'd need to dismantle any new forces which claim holdings on Alterac or even the Arathi Highlands. We'd need to subjugate the peasants by force, turn them into serfs for the Militaristic Cult, and force them to work for us instead of whatever regime they follow to this day. Lord Malus will give the commander of this invasion unlimited executive powers in order to do what they wish, cause whatever damage, and destroy what they need in order to break the will of the peasants. Thus far, Lord Malus is heavily considering Lord Vires for the operation to reclaim Caer Darrow.

Return of the Doctor

If you find yourself pained, wounded, cut, choking, missing your shots, if your rib cage is not showing, if your knees are not visible, if your skin is not rotting, if your heart is beating, if you are still breathing...Then you may be facing further symptoms of being alive. This is not a good thing, Call Doctor Minick Von Stryker today on the communicator, in order to get a full evaluation and a bill of clean health. Clean health is most necessary for the war machine of Vanitas.

Don't feel well, get ill.

Malcolm Lair / Aug 31, 2015
Vanitas has Fallen!

The Order of Vanitas, and of Lord Malus have been shattered by the traitors who took advantage of it from within and sought to dismantle it. Vanitas now lingers in distant memory, a forgotten shell, nothing but ruin and destruction. Even Lord Malus the Second has disappeared into the void and is no longer whispered upon the common man. For why would they? Archimonde was seen in Draenor, and war with the Burning Legion is looming with increasing demonic activities.

Archimonde has appeared, and has been defeated once more by the heroes of Azeroth. Gul'dan forced into the Twisting Nether, a tool, a cog in the master plan of the Burning Legion. The myths of Malus do not even stand close to the threat of the Burning Legion upon the horizon. So, he's been allowed to fade into darkness, consumed by his failure to achieve immortality through his own legend.

Though, good has come out of the events of Draenor, and out of the destruction of Vanitas. Peace. The North lands which Vanitas held so firmly fall silent, and farmers can once again grow their crops in peace. No more farmers being levied to do the bidding of a Southern Lord who sits upon a throne miles away. No more young lads and husbands dying to the numerous Vanitas civil wars.

Green returns to lands which were once scarred by explosive shells from naval bombardments and aerial raids. The dead which littered the earth in the Highlands are buried at long last, to be at peace themselves. In the south, new owners have taken occupation of former Vanitas lands, and have claimed lands as their own in the wake of their disappearance. The last remnants of the mighty wars of Vanitas have been washed away by time.

The New Order

In the forests of Duskwood, stands a Draenei who once served as a close adviser of Lord Malus himself. His cynical wit and lack of empathy made him a cruel strategist when it came to aiding Malus in his decision making. However, one thing stood above the rest about this Draenei, is his unwavering loyalty to House Lair and to Lord Malus. Even in the disappearance of the Lairs, the Draenei still seeks to band together a brand new cult which would follow the teachings of Malus.

This new cult, which stands more akin to the original Vanitas before Darek Storm and Raymond Dinath Tho'lain had bastardized it. It is more cruel, more vicious, more cunning, more unforgiving, and more vindictive than it had been in the last two years of its existence. Life means nothing to this new order, and its cultists will be taught this key fact. Rituals, and blood sacrifices will be key to maintaining order in this new Cult of Malus.

Now, with nothing else left to lose, the new order, the Cult of Malus, branches off in hopes to do their former leader proud. The first thing that must be done by the Cult of Malus would be to carve out a land for which they could reside in peace, while they build their numbers in order to retake to ancient capital of Vanitas.

What could possibly be gained by retaking the ancient capital of the Militaristic Cult of Vanitas? Cult-Lord Sevodari would then be able to claim that he is the new rightful Lord of Vanitas and continue on in the works of Lord Malus where the former lord had failed. Others may suggest that Cult-Lord Sevodari would seek to bring Lord Malus back from the shroud of darkness he had been living in. Time will only tell...

All Hail the Cult of Malus!

((Vanitas 2.0. has gone live! We're currently recruiting once again! Vanitas 2.0. will contain a series of changes which are meant to bring back the feeling of the original cult aspect of Vanitas. We, here at Vanitas HQ noticed that the clan cult feeling of Vanitas had been removed from the guild as a whole. It removed a certain aspect of storytelling which made us so popular and removed the aspect of allowing characters to develop. With these changes, we hope to have a very good 2016, and a very good launch for LEGION.


  • New Guild Headquarters.

  • Random RP will be the forefront of our storytelling, while events will be returned back to a weekly or bi-weekly occurrence. They will also stick to the weekends.

  • Random, small scaled, but fun events will occur throughout the day to encourage a more active player base.

  • Vanitas will continue its engaging realistic storytelling, as it is the forefront of what made us great in the first place.

  • Our NPC armies have been dismantled! Which means we have to go back to being smart when engaging in conflicts instead of sheer brute force.

  • With the NPC armies being dismantled, we have given Reilan "Reife" Dethold the position of lead forum content creator in order to make our forums fun again!

  • We've completely cut down the requirements needed to complete the application. Look at it, there's barely anything to it!

  • Our biggest interest is to, as always, make a fun, engaging story for your character to carry on out to the community!

  • As always, our guild promise has returned: Your character will not be the same going out, as it was coming in.

  • And much, much more.))
Piano / Apr 02, 2015
He heard the call of Vanitas.
The cries of despair and the screams of war.

He could ignore it no longer.

With John Tho'lain's effective magic still the source of his second resurrection, Ihcapnek Skvir Njhrosen knew this pull at the base of his undying essence.
The pull of a master on the strings of his puppet.

The sheer thought of being controlled was a sour one, but Ihcapnek quickly sought out his bone gryphon at the site of his original death at the hands of Dinath off the coast of Surwich. He found his old gear and his communication stone that connected all of Vanitas. What he did not find, however, was his ship.

-HIS- ship.
The Fortress that he had stolen from Pirate Lord Drominativic Asarblamativic. Gone.

What steeped into his bones was more than anger. It was the seething desire for revenge and nothing would be able to sate it unless blood was spilled and lives were taken.

To him, food meant nothing.
Drink had no effect.
Making love was out of the question in undeath.

No. Lives had to be claimed.

Lord Malus heard his rage over the comm, and invited his old friend for a talk. They spoke of many weak links polluting the name of Vanitas. Ihcapnek would be reinstated as the Harbinger of Fear, General of a large force, if - and only IF Ihcapnek could bring purity back into Vanitas. The purity that drove soldiers to fight without doubt for Lord Malus. The purity that once made Vanitas great had to dwell once again within the hearts of the men and women who served Vanitas that in turn, served them.

Ihcapnek sent word out to every member of his return. Every man and woman who would not submit and cease their uprisings would be subject to a slow, painful torture, death, and resurrection into his own personal service.

Reports came flooding back to General Njhrosen of defectors, some who were in high standing with Vanitas fled for their lives and now hide behind thin veils of flesh and bone, hoping those loyal to -their- cause would be strong enough to halt the relentless drive of death and decay towards their hearth and home.

Others were not so lucky.

The Harbinger of Fear had returned and restored purity with his very essence, driving away those too weak to serve and those too cowardly to die.

In contemplation, Ihcapnek sat against his throne of death and compiled a list of defectors who yet lived to tell the tale of his savagery.
Their day would come.