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((This will be taken by you in game. Still, it is here for you to read up on and to make sure if you could follow through with your application.))

Initiation will be intense, a test of RP ability, and your character's personality. Vanitas is a guild for dark role-players, who know that their characters must keep themselves in line, and completely subservient to reach the top, or be destroyed.

The first phase of Initiation will test a character's loyalty, asking the mind questions about loyalty and subservience. If your character does not answer truthfully, and in the way that we want, the interviewer inflict pain unimaginable upon your character. If your character survives the first phase, the second phase will begin.

"I, initiate, swear to answer the following questions honestly.

  • What is your full name?

  • Were you sent to spy on us? Did you plan to deceive us, and/or bring information of the cult into the open, or to another faction?

  • Are you willing to fully dedicate yourself to this cause, no matter the cost, even if it means a horrifying death?

  • Will you show absolute respect and obedience to Lord Malus, and to the Seventh Circle? Will you be completely subservient?

  • Will you follow orders without pause, and not question the orders of your Lord?

  • Are you willing to create a false name, attire, and identity while in any major cities or towns, so that you may blend in without harm?

With these questions, I, initiate, now submit myself to the will and word of Lord Malus.

I, <Initiate>, hereby give myself to my Lord Malus. I will not seek to betray him, for he does not seek to betray me. I will be whipped, beaten, bruised, and branded before I give my Lord up to our enemies, however numerous they are. My loyalty is only to that of the cult, for it protects me as I protect it. I swear to not harm any other cultists, nor let harm come to another cultist through inaction, unless it is commanded of me. I swear myself completely to this cause, mind, body, and soul. I, now give myself up to be blessed by my Lord, and branded with his mark."
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