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I, applicant, hereby swear to uphold these truths of Vanitas.

I will not degrade the name of the guild that stands brightly above my head. I will uphold it with honor and respect. I will not dissolve my value as a roleplay member of this community of Wyrmrest Accord, by godmodding, or metagaming, nor will I forfeit my right to be a player, and thus control over my character. I will show other players with respect, and be courteous in an Out of Character manner, even though I intend to be a villain in Character. I will always seek to improve the standard of roleplay, and help my community on Wyrmrest Accord. I will not be afraid to call out actions deemed unjust, or unreasonable to an officer of the respective guild I partake in, even if such actions are from the officers themselves.

I, applicant, understand that Vanitas is a lawful evil guild, and as such will be taking actions which I may feel uncomfortable with. I understand that I do not need to participate in such actions if they are too uncomfortable, though dedication to seeing out the role play is smiled upon. A simple out of character 'no' is all that is needed, and the officers will try their best to accommodate.

I, applicant, swear to uphold the following laws of Vanitas.

  • I will not commit an act of rape, I understand I will be instantly kicked from the guild if I commit this.
  • I will not joke about rape to such a strong degree that it makes my guild mates feel uneasy. I understand that I will be warned once, and on my second offense I will be removed.
  • I will act appropriately when I am in character, and adhere to the realistic dark roleplay style of Vanitas.
  • I will respect the name of Vanitas, and any other guild I serve in hereafter.
  • I will differentiate in character gameplay, from out of character gameplay.
  • I will, above all else, seek to have fun in Vanitas.
  • I understand, above all else, that real life comes before World of Warcraft.

Should there come a day, when I am no longer in Vanitas, whether or not due to breaking one of the rules, or on friendly terms. I, applicant, swear to uphold these same values in my next guild to make a better community.

Screw the Alliance, I have gold!
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