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As of late there has been some unacceptable behavior that I for one and not happy to see. Many of you that recently joined feel that just because you're in a good guild that you can do what you want. I am here to remind you of a few things that go on in our guild

This is a realistic rp guild!

Meaning your character is not immortal nor is as powerful as someone like Arthas or Illidan. Your character will be hurt in war or even in sparring matches.

Trolling is not allowed!

We do not allow trolling of other people or guilds on the rp server. We have a reputation to keep and as long as you have that guild tag you will be respectful to the people on this server.

Respect your higher ups!

We only ask you respect given that we are the ones putting together events, stories and contest for you. It's not the other way around so if you disrespect us be prepared to get removed from the guild. This also goes for respecting your fellow members as well.

Do well and you'll be rewarded!

Go above and beyond and promotions will be had. Whether it is following orders or continuing to come to events. Dedication is key but we also understand will real life comes before a game.

Real Life > Wow

Remember don't let this guild run your life. There is a life for you outside of this game for you to enjoy. Let us know if you're too busy and don't be afraid to speak up.

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