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#8028534 Jun 23, 2013 at 02:43 PM
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With our HP system, suddenly going by /roll 1-20 (/roll 20) is too low, and one point of damage is piss poor form. So here's our new system, complete with examples!


All rolls will now be standard /roll, meaning the range will go from 1-100. This allows for a wider range of success and failure and will help with the other rules listed below!

In a rage, Ihcapnek decides to take a swing at Reilan for being his usual self.
>Ihcapnek rolls 89!
>Reilan rolls 30!

As we can see, Reilan got hit, the 89 would do 89 points of damage, but Reilan rolled his defensive roll and got a 30! So the Attack from Ihcapnek does 59 points of damage!
(Keep in mind Reilan / Reife is Third Circle and has 500hp.)
Reilan is now at 441 HP!

Of course, we've seen what happens when you defend, and the rules for the new system will be the same as the old, meaning:

Reilan swings his frying pan at Ihcapnek!
Reilan rolled a 50!
Ihcapnek rolled a 70!

Meaning, since Ihcapnek's defenses were greater than Reilan's attack, the attack is considered a miss or blocked.


In the event the two fighters roll the same number, the attack is considered a miss or block, just as before.


A new feature, critical hits are when you roll a 100! These rare occurrences are powerful attacks and should deal heavy damage!

Ihcapnek rips a saronite spike from his armor and plunges it downward towards Reilan, even more angered by his retaliation!
>Ihcapnek rolls 100!
>Reilan rolls 99!

Even with a powerful defensive roll, getting a 100 is no small feat, so all 100 points of damage will affect Reilan, bringing his HP down to 341!


Another new feature is when the defending party rolls a 100! Considered a critical block, it works just like a crit, where you parry, deflect the attacker's blow, leaving their defenses WIDE open and deliver a powerful blow to that person!

Reilan taps into a frost rune and brings his frying pan down in an overhead swing.
>Reilan rolls 99!
>Ihcapnek rolls 100! (hax, right?)

Again, even with a powerful blow from Reilan, the attack has been COUNTERED and Ihcapnek retaliates with a riposte (a reversal of an attack, as it were) and the critical block deals the same damage as a crit! 100 points, leaving Reilan at a wounded 241 HP! The defender will make his counter /emote and then another /emote to attack, looking something like this:

>Ihcapnek brings his sword up, deflecting the overhead smash from the frying pan. As the weapons lock, the general roars and sends a necrotic bolt up towards Reilan's unprotected midsection! (Counter)

>Ihcapnek leaps back from the quick riposte, and taps into his death runes, sending dark auras into the ground as saronite spikes rip upwards at Reilan's feet, hoping to impale the man!
Ihcapnek rolls 80!
Reilan rolls 90!

As you can see, the party that COUNTERED can attack on their turn, as usual.


The last new feature will make battles go quicker. Of course, you can always communicate with the party to agree and NOT do combos, as this is a personal choice. Combos can be done at ANY HP level.

HOWEVER: You CANNOT combo against another person who is below HALF of their HP level. Using the battle here as an example...

Reilan seizes the opportunity, leaping FORWARD through the erupting Saronite spikes instead of backwards to attack the General. He throws his frying pan towards the General, closing the distance and following up by pulling his dagger from his boot to stab Ihcapnek in the stomach!

>Reilan rolls 75!
>Reilan rolls 2!
(As you can see, in a combo, you /roll your attack twice, the defending party will also /roll twice.)
>Ihcapnek rolls 50!
>Ihcapnek rolls 3!

So from the combo, Ihcapnek takes only 25pts of damage, bringing him down to 675hp!

Since Reilan is at 241hp out of 500hp, that is below half and Ihcapnek can only make single attacks!
Piano Santiago
Human Resources Officer of <Vanitas>
#8030764 Jun 24, 2013 at 12:34 AM
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I like it! =D
#8036409 Jun 25, 2013 at 12:03 AM
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New Note!

To prevent the boons and bonuses from allowing:

We will not permit consecutive CRITS.

Attacker: CRIT
Defender gets crit'd

Defender attacks, rolls 105 (LUK boon)
Attacker defends, rolls 100. Attacker does NOT counter, as they crit'd the defender last round. Attacker takes 5pts of damage, as the 100 is now considered a normal block.

What you CAN do (if you're lucky)
Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:

Round 4:

ergo, you are able to count crits every OTHER round.
Piano Santiago
Human Resources Officer of <Vanitas>
#8042730 Jun 26, 2013 at 04:13 AM · Edited 5 years ago
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This new roll system is completely voluntary, right?

While several of the new mechanics do make things more interesting, I don't really see myself participating in an RP fight with these mechanics. Akro's powerset is already calibrated with energy accumulation and resource management in mind, which limit offensive and defensive capabilities just as the random number generator does, but in more stable and empirical ways.
#8046408 Jun 26, 2013 at 06:51 PM
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I'd like to suggest an addition, considering the way the new system works. Healing: Instead of attacking the player may use their turn to cast a healing spell or use some type of elixir, whatever it is. They would roll as they would if it were an attack but since they are leaving themselves open by healing instead of staying on the offensive the opponent will be able to get an attack in, in place of defending for that turn.


Kaalia pops a healthstone and rolls.
She rolls a 69
riefe rolls a 1 and then responds with an attack.
Since riefe rolled a 1 Kaalia heals 68 points of damage and weathers the attack.

Alternately, let's say Riefe wants to use Death Coil to heal himself. He rolls a 1 and is open to an attack. Kaalia rolls a 69 and riefe would not be able to defend against her attack and would take 68 damage.

You would get one or two heals, to prevent a match from being prolonged.
#8051706 Jun 27, 2013 at 05:38 PM
Lord of Memes
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Why am I always used as the losing target?
People always ask me how I pronounce my name. is it "Reef" or "Rife"? I always tell them the same thing. How dare you speak to me

#8060116 Jun 29, 2013 at 11:11 AM
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Good suggestion, Kaalia, I will talk to Uth and Atris about that.

Reilan, hell if I know.
Piano Santiago
Human Resources Officer of <Vanitas>
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